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Lowell has been fantastic with understanding my needs and getting to the root causes of my problems. The way you feel after each energy healing session will make you feel empowered and feeling great again. With Lowell’s understanding of the metaphysical world we live in, I will always recommend him. Thank you as always, Simon
Immediately I enter the holistic centre I feel calm and content. Lowell’s peaceful demeanour is very reassuring. I also like the products that are on offer. Many Thanks
I have had CFS/ME for over 10 years and Lowell's approach with a combination of bioresonance therapy and homeopathic remedies has allowed me to improve enough to manage more than I have in years. It is the only tangible thing to work and i have tried many many treatments over the years. Not only that but his calming presence and extremely kind demeanour mean he is an absolute pleasure to have appointments with, thank you Lowell!
I cannot praise Lowell enough. His professionalism and knowledge are truly rare, and his method is incredibly effective. He has helped me enormously and at very different levels from the first session. I would encourage anyone who is suffering from a physical or emotional illness to have a session with Lowell. In addition to his effectiveness, he is a warm, respectful individual who emanates peace.
Bioressenance has made such a huge, positive impact on our health. Lowell and the team are very patient and understanding.
Working with the clinic and Lowell is a positive and supportive experience. No other practitioner comes close to having the same level of compassion, wisdom, and expertise. Truly grateful for Lowell’s help on my healing journey.

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