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A multi-disciplinary approach incorporating the latest developments in holistic and complementary medicine, integrating science and the art of healing to create unique and individualised treatment strategies. Our aim is to alleviate symptoms as well as to increase vitality and health by supporting the body’s healing ability.

As well as sessions with a range of core practitioners, we offer seminars and talks to empower you to look after yourself with valuable information and tips. We advocate self-empowerment as a primary factor in maintaining optimum health.

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Restore balance and harmony to your everyday life with
the BioPhotonic holistic range of products.

It is now impossible to avoid artificial environmental factors including electromagnetic fields (EMFs), air pollution, and toxic substances in our food and water. With satisfied customers from all over the world and more than a decade of research, we have proven the effectiveness of BioPhotonic technology, to ensure natural conditions exist we must counter, mitigate and detoxify.
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The London Clinic Of Nutrition

Break Free From Poor Health with Functional Medicine at the London Clinic of Nutrition

Get back to feeling your best with the UK’s leading Functional Medicine Clinic and our expert Nutritional Therapists.

The London Clinic of Nutrition is a multi-disciplined health practice offering personalised nutritional medicine and naturopathy using the functional medicine approach.

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NeoMed Institute, Cyprus.

At Neomed, we want to set you on the Path to Wellness.

With first-class medical facilities, Neomed is an innovative health care provider offering treatments with heart and expertise, using state-of-the-art synergistic therapies to assist the body, mind and soul in self-healing. We view ourselves as partners with our guests as well as our employees, the community and the environment. Our passion is your wellness.

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Marina Nakhratskaya is a leading Deep-Mind Method facilitator, with 15 year’s experience as a psychedelic therapist, psychic and coach. 

She uses Deep-Mind method, which combines the best aspects of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Jungian psychology, Gestalt experiential therapy and  psychoanalytic thinking, bio-energy, art and cymatics therapy, “shadowing”  technique and systemic mindfulness.  

Marina has over 15 years in psychedelic therapy training and facilitating, including  extensive training in Bwiti, training in energy and sound healing and numerous dietas in Brasil, Peru and 2 initiations in Gabon. In addition to iboga, psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca, marina works with thc, mdma and lsd. She is a qualified Kambo practitioner and Breathwork facilitator.   

Specialising in delivering in-depth group retreats. The retreats are held in the most safe and structured manner. We aim to give each participant undivided attention and support throughout, and provide on-boarding integration sessions.

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Vitatec Technology

Specialising in German and Swiss made products for monitoring and data collection of the body’s bio fields. 

Everything from a single source! Concept, development, production, counselling, training, repair and service – for over 25 years, everything at VITATEC has come from our own hands. Our products are made exclusively in Switzerland and Germany. It is part of our corporate philosophy to accompany you personally from the very beginning and to be still at your side even years later.

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Zenrji are a Unifyd Healing Affiliated Centre & Wellness Centre runing Day and Night healing sessions, based in Bedford

With the shared goal: To HEAL OUR WORLD with the leading, cutting edge technology – the Energy Enhancement System – combining Body, Mind, Spirit & Science to help you achieve peak performance and reach higher states of health, consciousness and self-actualisation.

The Energy Enhancement EE System (also known as “EESystem™“) is revolutionary technology that produces bio-active energy fields, including scalar waves. Installation of an Energy Enhancement EE System™ requires a combination of EESystem “Black Box” devices and an equivalent number of display screens. The output of both combine to foster a multitude of benefits which are experienced by the mind, body and soul including cell regeneration, immunity, pain relief, detoxification, mood enhancement and brain hemisphere balance.

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