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Biophysics vs. biochemistry

Our medical system works on the assumption that biochemistry is the foundation of biological systems. This has led to the development of pharmacy, which has a monopoly in Western medicine. But this system is limited—and it ignores the fact that we are complex, energetic beings. Emerging research has uncovered biophysical findings that can no longer be ignored in the quest for a healthy population.

All matter is energy

True health encompasses all levels of expression: physical, energetic, mental and emotional. Zenergetics considers all of these to address a wide range of conditions:

Chronic fatigue syndrome
Unexplained illness
Lyme disease

Zenergetics therapies

Lowell has helped more than 1,000 clients with his unique blend of therapies. Treatment lengths vary according to the person and their challenges, but it’s possible to feel a real difference within 1–2 months.


Remember childhood experiments with magnets and iron filings? The body also has a magnetic field, and it affects cellular function. Lowell uses bioresonance machines to detect any disturbances in this magnetic field, creating a clear picture of what’s driving health challenges.


Conventional medicine aims to fight a disease or symptoms, while homeopathy seeks to strengthen the individual’s own defence mechanisms. Using the principle of ‘like cures like’, homeopathic remedies are used to stimulate the body’s natural healing response and restore balance.

Body-oriented psychotherapy

In the early 20th century, Austrian psychoanalyst Dr Wilhelm Reich observed a close relationship between psychological disturbance and restriction of body movement, function and breath. Body-oriented psychotherapy works on the principle that through relieving muscular tensions and facilitating a free flow of energy, we can alleviate psychological and physical symptoms.

Lowell draws on these therapies as needed to restore balance in the individual

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