About Zenergetics and the Science of Energetic Medicine

About Lowell

Born in Iran and raised in England, Lowell now spends most of his time in London. At the age of 28, a profound breakdown led him to seek healing in deep meditation and the study of esoteric sciences. It was the transformational treatment by a body-orientated psychotherapist that inspired him to train as a therapist himself.

Lowell has learnt from pioneering practitioners around the world:

  • 1 year working with biodynamic psychologist Gerda Boyesen in London
  • 5 years training in body-oriented psychotherapy with David Boadella in Switzerland
  • 4 years studying homeopathy with George Vikhoulkas in India

Lowell has also studied the work of Royal Raymond Rife, incorporating sophisticated bioresonance machines into his practice.

With Zenergetics, he integrates all of these methods to understand a person on all levels of their expression: physical, energetic, mental and emotional.

About Energetic Medicine

Einstein knew that all matter is energy—and we are no different.

At a core level, our cells are made of atoms that carry a particular charge. Any perturbation of this electromagnetic field, especially over a long period of time, will cause a disturbance in our cells that can manifest as illness.

Many things can cause a disturbance in our energy field. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Emotional distress
  • Mental disorders
  • Heavy metals
  • Pathogens
  • Toxins
  • Radiation

Treatment of physical ailments through suppressive methods (or merely quelling the symptoms) can cause deeper problems over time since the cause is left unaddressed.

Zenergetics aims to tackle the underlying problem. Through the expert application of bioresonance, homeopathy and psychotherapy, Lowell creates a plan to resolve the disturbing factors at every level of expression.

Zenergetics considers the whole person—not just the parts.

About Lowell's Practices

My work focuses primarily on getting the best understanding of the underlying causes behind symptoms and for this I use Bioresonance and all laboratory methods as well as working with other practitioners. Once there is clarity I look towards a plan to resolve the disturbing factors at each level of expression (physical, energetic, emotional & mental) and this together with any practitioners specialised in the particular field of expertise. I look at the whole person and not at parts only. Medicine has become too fragmented with many specialists who only see a part but in this miss the whole person in their entirety. This is my main focus, to see the whole person.


Bioresonance, which dates back to the 19th century are based on measuring the bio energetic levels. It is not in the interests of the pharmaceutical or present day medical structures who try to make us believe that everything stems from the biochemical levels. This is quite absurd and prevents an understanding of energetic, emotional and mental dynamics and their causes behind physical symptoms and illness.

I’ve seen many complementary services over the years, and I have to say that no other practitioner combines such a unique and powerful mix of therapies.

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