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Air filters

The Bestair AirJet 500 is a system for cleaning and disinfecting the ambient air in rooms, such as living rooms, waiting rooms, treatment rooms and, of course, canteens. The filtration performance is 440 m3/h at 100%. The system consists of 5 stages of filtration to purify the air. In addition, the consumption of the filter inserts and the current degree of contamination of ambient air are displayed graphically in the display.

The application areas of the AirJet 500 air filter are clear. Moreover, it works very effectively, no matter whether the air filter is installed at home or in the office. However, it should not be installed in areas with extreme temperature fluctuations, such as, for instance, kitchens or bathrooms, as this may cause condensation inside the unit. Due to the excellent air filtration, the AirJet 500 air filter can be easily installed in waiting rooms of doctors‘ surgeries, where viruses and bacteria are effectively removed from the air.

The intelligent system of the AirJet 500 automatically adjusts the air quality in line with the speed of the machine, so you can enjoy convenient operation of the unit and clean air at the same time. With the built-in dual air quality sensors for measurement and control of air quality (gases and aerosols), air quality can be accurately determined. In automatic mode, the system automatically selects the appropriate speed to ensure a high level of air quality in indoor environments.


MicroMax: Biodynamic Effective Microorganisms
Micromax supports healthy gut flora with its effective microorganisms

Micromax is a naturally fermented live gut reconditioning supplement that helps to optimise the bacterial population profile in the gastrointestinal tract.

Micromax is a new high-quality biodynamic version of Professor Higa’s effective microorganisms that uses organic fermentation ingredients ? principally sugar cane molasses and over 40 different wild Alpine herbs ? to produce exceptionally high quality effective microorganisms ? up to 80 different kinds of them. The herbs used supply antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutritional components, and as the sugar is used up in the fermentation process, Micromax is safe for diabetics. And although it is a fermented product, it can also be a part of an anti-candida treatment program and a digestive cleanse.

When taken orally with water, Micromax is extremely effective at balancing gastrointestinal flora and inhibiting gut pathogens. But it can also be used externally on the skin, and internally in an enema, as a vaginal douche or even as a sinus cleanse. After all, bacteria are not just important for gut health but are found all over our bodies where they play vital roles in keeping us healthy. In fact, Micromax can even be used on surfaces as a natural disinfectant to discourage the growth of harmful bacteria and other pathogens, without damaging healthy bacteria (which as we know causes problems ecologically).

The biodynamic manufacturing of Micromax is carried out to the very highest standards in Austria, and all batches are lab tested for safety, including for Shigatoxin-Geb 1 and 2 (EHEC). Finally, Micromax is vegan ? no animal products are used in its manufacture.

So forget probiotics and prebiotics: if you really want optimal gut health, Micromax is the way to go!

Water filters

Reverseosmosis Filtration
The Jungbrunnen 66-00 ULTIMATE is able to filter up to 99 % of all unwanted substances out of the water and providing pure, spring-quality drinking water with both membranes. Up to 99% of metals are removed from the water via an optimised filtration process. Up to 99 % of herbicides and pesticides, more than 98 % of chlorides and nitrates, and up to 99 % of hydrocarbons are filtered out.

Quintuple Pre-Filtration
The new Jungbrunnen 66-00 ULTIMATE has five filter elements allocated among three quick-change cartridges. Both the cartridges (made from polyester thread and foamed polypropylene) and the waterproofed activated charcoal block (made from coconut husks) are especially significant. All three cartridges filter particles, impurities, chlorine, and organic substances from the water.

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